Video Marketing Tips For Businesses to Increase Conversion Rates

In this blog post you will find video marketing tips for businesses to increase conversion rates. Video marketing can be used in a vast amount of different ways, one of which is to help your customer base and potential customers see your brand in action and better understand what you are trying to sell them. In fact, we’ve found that video marketing actually increases conversions when placed on your landing pages.

When is the last time you watched a video on your smartphone or laptop? If you said today, we already knew that would be your answer. The truth is, most individuals are consuming some type of video content daily. This is why video marketing for businesses is such a brilliant concept that millions of online and local stores are now utilizing it regularly.

Why Businesses Need Video Marketing

People love seeing what the hottest product is that’s trending right now, and watching a video gives them every opportunity to learn as much about the product as you want them to know. After seeing content on most webpages that only consisted of words, video marketing was able to break through and get people’s attention back to where companies wanted it.

So instead of people landing on your page and just skimming all your content, they can now engage while listening to and watching a video tell them everything they need to know. Consumers love the ease of video marketing and how it literally requires zero effort on their part other than pushing the play button while sitting back and relaxing in their favorite chair.

Video Marketing Tips For Businesses to Increase Conversion Rates

If you look around, people are watching videos everywhere they go. They do this while riding the bus, waiting in the doctor’s office, or line at the local grocery store. Video marketing has become the hottest trend that is taking marketing to a whole new level.

In fact, many homes now have a family relaxing on the couch watching videos vs. watching TV. It’s crazy, but it’s the modern world and the addiction to information. It’s also the perfect way to promote your business and products. People can watch a video and decide right then and there to purchase your product or service.

Just make sure your content is compelling and what your video offers adds some type of value to your consumer’s lives. This is key for getting people to convert, show them something they can’t live without, and we’re confident you’ve got yourself a new customer.  

Use Video Marketing for Email Campaigns

If you want to increase your click-through rates on your email campaigns, add some videos to your emails and see what happens. Companies are seeing higher open rates just by using the word ‘video’ in the subject line of their emails. People are interested in watching videos, and they’re curious to see what brands are offering them this time. 

If you decide to try video marketing in your email campaigns, be sure to monitor their success by running a test on their results. This way, you’ll know how effective they are, and you’ll be able to build a strategic plan using more video marketing for your future email campaigns. You may need to play around with the content for this strategy to be effective.

Some companies prefer to keep their emails short and simple, where others prefer to tell a story that justifies watching the video. Either way, video marketing has been proven to be successful time after time. You just need to make it work effectively in your brand’s favor, and then you can start to reap the benefits.

Use Video Marketing to Make Your Brand Stronger

Suppose your business relies heavily on word of mouth or testimonials to support your product line or services. In that case, video marketing can help build trust with your audience while making your brand stronger. On top of that, when adding video to your content, you can essentially improve the quality and generate some excellent backlinks, which will also increase your organic traffic.

How to Use Video Testimonials

When you add video testimonials to your landing pages, you expose yourself to some great value that only comes from real people. Testimonials that are written can be a dime a dozen, and there is no way to know if they are genuine. But now, adding video testimonials shows that your customers love your brand and they want to talk about their experience.

Final Words on Video Marketing for Businesses

Regardless of which way you choose to introduce video marketing to your brand or company, you should quickly see the benefits it delivers, like increasing conversion rates. We suggest trying all the different methods above and see what works best for you.  

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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