Benefits Of Using Video Marketing For Small Business

Are there any benefits of using video marketing for small business? People often think that video marketing is mainly used for entertaining people and capturing an audience’s attention. It’s true; both of those are easily achieved when video marketing is done correctly. However, its primary goal is actually to lead your customers through your sales funnel. This is why video marketing is the most powerful tool for increasing conversions.

If you design your landing pages with some compelling videos that your audience is drawn to, you’re taking giant steps to build your brand awareness and increase your sales. It goes even one step further by simply adding the word ‘video’ to any of your email’s subject lines, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see higher open rates along with more clicks.

Benefits Of Using Video Marketing For Small Business

Studies have been able to prove that video marketing helps consumers make more buying decisions. This essentially means that while a potential customer is watching one of your video advertisements, they are more like to buy your product or services. It doesn’t get much better than that! Besides sitting down for drinks with a potential customer, video marketing is the next best thing for grabbing their attention and showing them everything they need to see.

In fact, video marketing is so hot right now that almost every successful brand out there is using it as their primary source of reaching potential clients. This isn’t some gimmick that works once in a while and can bring you a little brand awareness. No, it’s something that should become a staple in your business strategy plan.

When to Use Video Marketing

When you sit down with your team, whether it’s an entire team of marketers or just your small group of investors, you’ll want to look at your customer’s journey and then plan on using video marketing in all the different steps throughout their time of engagement. It’s the perfect way to keep folks interested in what’s happening next and how it can benefit their lives.

Many companies make the mistake of creating high-quality videos with a ton of graphics that they think will impress their targeted audience. But the truth is, most people prefer to see marketing videos that are authentic and speak to them directly about whatever they are trying to promote or sell.

If your main idea is to fool people in your video marketing attempts, the joke will be on you. People can typically see a scam a mile away, and you will lose whatever trust you had built with your audience. However, if you choose to be ‘real’ and allow the video to speak directly to the audience as a human being, you’ll gain more trust and more customers.

Top Suggestions For Successful Video Marketing

The best thing about keeping it genuine is that you won’t need a huge marketing budget to put out some really awesome videos. In fact, you could even use a smartphone with a high-quality camera to get some raw footage for some of your marketing videos. Keep it simple while you test the waters; there’s no reason to go overboard at this stage of the game.

Know Your Audience - Knowing your targeted audience’s interests will help you decide what types of video marketing you could use. We’d like to believe that there really is no wrong way to do video marketing, but we must say that some things are off-limits. Like with a job interview, you don’t want to speak about religion or politics unless, of course, your brand is based on one of those topics. Then go ahead and knock yourself out. 

Content-Specific - You won’t want to target a female audience if the male gender mainly uses your product or services and vice versa. Keep jokes to a minimum and when deciding to add one, make sure it’s not offensive to anybody in any shape, way, or form. The worst thing that can happen when using video marketing is that you offend a group of people who decide to make your company an example of what not to be like.

Testing - Again, we don’t want to scare you when choosing to do video marketing. But, we do want you to think it through entirely before releasing your first video marketing campaign. Perhaps having some non-biased people watch your video before releasing it to the general public so that you can get some good feedback and even make some edits if necessary.

You’ll also want to keep your video marketing short and sweet, stay on topic and get your message across in the most professional way that is both clever and effective. 

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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