Social Media Marketing Audit for Business Profiles

Thursday, February 17, 2022

We are going to assume that you are already using some of the different social media platforms for your business. If you’re not already doing so, then you should be! There is an entire ocean out there of business opportunities to maximize your business’s awareness via different social media outlets.

Suppose you already are using social media marketing on one or more of the various social media platforms. In that case, it’s time to do what we call a ‘check-in.’ This is where you ask yourself or your team a few relevant questions about your social media marketing strategy and see where you land.

How to Perform a Social Media Marketing Audit for Business Profiles

Many companies out there perform these types of social media audits regularly because it keeps them in the know. Meaning they don’t miss a trick or trend; they are right there in the middle of the masses and monitoring every move.

Here are some suggestions for inquiring minds:

  • How is your social media presence stacking up against all your competitors?
  • Where are you landing in the search engines, and are you in the top results?
  • Who’s engaging with you, existing customers only or potential new customers?
  • What are the networks your target audience using, and are you on there too?
  • What’s working, and more importantly, what’s not working in your favor?

When you take an in-depth look into these questions and evaluate the answers, you’ll have the perfect data right in front of you to start making a plan on how you can improve some or even all of these details. Digging deep is the only way to see the bigger picture.

You can modify these types of questions to fit your business model, but in the end, the result should still be the same - your social media marketing audit will reveal all the answers you need to make a more robust, better business plan and move forward in the right direction.

Why Are Social Media Marketing Audits Vital To Your Business?

If you’ve put your company out there on several different social media platforms, then you’ve probably already realized that keeping up with your performance on each outlet is a huge task. This is where so many companies make the same mistake; they set up their profiles and pages and then just let it roll without even knowing if their target audience is even there.

You want to have a clear picture of your social media accounts and their primary purpose. Do they add value to your brand or your bottom line? Knowing as much as you can about your social media accounts can save you a lot of wasted time and money.

Now is an excellent time to ask yourself or your team the following questions about each of your social media accounts:

  • Is our target audience using this social media platform for their primary source?
  • How are our followers, customers, and potential customers using the platform?
  • Are we engaging and interacting with our fans and followers on a regular basis?
  • Will this social media account help our company achieve any of its current goals? 

We know that these questions can be hard on both yourself and your team, but nobody said this would be easy. If you want to stay focused on your social media marketing strategy, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and get the answers you need right now.

Improving Your Social Media Profiles for Business Owners

While doing your social media marketing audit, it’s also a great time to look at each one of your social media profiles and examine them to make sure they match your current business model. There is nothing worse than clicking on a company’s website to find out that they don’t even sell those products or services anymore.

Do regular housekeeping on all your social media profiles and make sure they are aligned with your current business plan. Some social media platforms are better for certain areas of the business plan, such as customer service. Many companies use Twitter to handle all their customer service and maximize their presence on Instagram for stories, videos, and product images.

During your social media marketing audit, it is the perfect time to decide which social media platforms add value and deliver some type of results and which ones are a complete and total waste of your time. You may find that your Snapchat account isn’t really as valuable as you initially thought.

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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