What To Expect When Partnering With Influencers

What should you expect when partnering with influencers? If you have exhausted all your marketing avenues and you still aren’t receiving the growth you had expected for all your efforts, then you need to start partnering with influencers. When it comes to time being spent on creative ideas for marketing your company, influencers are your best bet since they have way more time to focus on one brand or topic than any other resource.

Influencers can give all their attention to one brand or product and start building a relationship between that company and all of the influencer’s followers that are interested in that niche. Why is this important? Because every influencer’s primary purpose is to gain followers that trust their advice and want to hear what they are talking about next.

Partnering with influencers is like having an investor that wants to see you have success as much as they do. Many influencers work day and night to keep everybody happy because their audience is their livelihood and keeps money in their pockets. Without their audience, they literally have nothing.

What to Expect when Partnering with Influencers?

When you finally decide to partner with some influencers, you’ll need to know what you should be looking for. Outside of the obvious, which is choosing influencers that match your brand or company’s vision - you also want to be partnering with influencers that have some of these essential characteristics:

  • Creativity - Beyond the Norm  
  • Emotionally Committed to Their Mission
  • Confident - Transparent and Full of Confidence
  • Crave Attention - The Need to Be Seen and Heard 
  • Desire Success - They Love Being Successful

Influencers as Brand Ambassadors

If you desire a successful relationship with influencers, then you want them to represent your brand in a way that people will be attracted to. Influencers know precisely how to be the best brand ambassadors when they also have a stake in your brand’s success. The unique thing about many influencers is how they connect to a broad audience without really having a niche of their own.

So when an influencer commits to your brand or company, you can expect great things to take place during your partnership duration. Since influencers build real relationships with their audiences, they tend to have a more devoted following. This means that the organic traffic they send your way comes from people who are generally interested in your business.

Influencers Help Attract a New Audience

The main reason a lot of brands, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses choose to partner with influencers is mainly that the influencer can increase their brand’s awareness and exposure. In fact, some of the biggest social media influencers can have millions of followers on multiple social media outlets.

Even if you’re not with some of the biz’s biggest names, you can still expect to reach a wider audience that usually is in the thousands for many influencers. Suppose you are a new startup or a small business with very little social media exposure. In that case, we are guessing that most of the social media influencers’ actual followers have probably never heard of you or your brand, company, or product.

Influencers for Brand Promotion

One of the best and most effective strategies used when partnering with influencers is to consider offering up some free stuff to promote on their social media accounts. However, it’s important to stipulate the conditions that will work in your favor, such as in order for folks to enter to win the free stuff, they would need to start following your social media account as well as the influencers.

This tactic ensures that your company’s social media page gets full exposure with both views and new followers. When partnering with influencers, a lot of their audience may start to express an interest in your brand or products. This works well even if they don’t naturally fit your typical targeted audience’s demographics.

Now you’ll have the opportunity to grow your audience via your social media channels and add contests or free giveaways that continue to promote your brand or products to an entirely new audience. You’ll be able to ask people to tag friends or share your posts with five or more friends to enter the next contest and to continuously grow your audience more with new potential customers.

Wrapping Up

When you are partnering with influencers, the right kinds of influencers that complement your brand - you’re essentially expanding your reach to thousands of organic customers. These are people who want to know more about your brand or business and who also came looking for you instead of the other way around! 

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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