Is Video Marketing for Business Owners Important?

Is video marketing for business owners important? Many small business owners and entrepreneurs underestimate the power of video marketing. They believe that only the big brands can benefit from this type of strategy and are the only ones who have the marketing budget to blow on this type of gamble. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Video marketing has become of the best methods for increasing organic traffic to your landing pages, encouraging growth, and bringing more brand awareness faster than any other marketing tactic out there. Video marketing is breaking barriers that marketers didn’t even know existed.

Is Video Marketing for Business Owners Important?

If you think about how most people get their information nowadays, we’re sure you will say the internet, and you’re absolutely right. Many people rely heavily on social media platforms to deliver them all the news and advertisements they are interested in seeing. Did you notice we threw in the word ‘advertisements’? We did this because the primary source people see and engage with ads is through video marketing on social media outlets.

If people could choose between reading your advertising pitch versus watching a video about it, we’re pretty confident that most of the population would prefer to watch your video. It’s not rocket science. In fact, we’re absolutely sure that we would choose to watch a video ad over a text ad any day of the week.

So if your targeted audience is anywhere under the age of eighty, then you can count on the fact that they also prefer watching to reading. Now the good news, there have been plenty of studies done that show that people who watch video marketing are more likely to purchase a product or service than the people who just read about those same topics.  

Video marketing has something written words will never be able to compete with, and that’s the tone’s sound. Sure, some marketing ads have style within their stories, but they will never have the intended sound of the word they want their audience to engage with. Think about those videos where somebody raises their voice, got your attention, right? Of course, it did.

Why Aren’t All Businesses Using Video Marketing?

The brands that aren’t using video marketing are probably just like you, skeptical of the outcome, and tend to think that written content is safer and easier to produce. They are stuck in a rut and don’t realize that modern times call for modern innovations for marketing concepts. What worked twenty years ago probably isn’t working as effectively today because people’s interests have changed, and their vision is different than what it once was.

We’re guessing that you’re not reading this article just to pass the time; we’re also assuming that your sales aren’t what you had hoped they’d be, and you’re looking for new ways to market your brand. Don’t worry; we won’t tell if you don’t. If you want to get ahead in today’s market, you’re going to have to start producing some video marketing to expand your reach and grab potential customers’ attention. 

Note: Video marketing has become widely popular, and the cost to do compelling videos is not as expensive as it used to be. In fact, some brands are using high-quality smartphone cameras to capture some raw and authentic videos that speak volumes to their audience.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing

There are a ton of benefits when choosing to add video marketing to your business plan. But more importantly, think about what the most significant purpose is behind videoing anything - motivation. Businesses and influencers use video marketing to motivate people in ways companies could only dream about. They engage with their audience on a level that only a video can do; there just aren’t enough written words out there to move people the way a video does.

When you can see the emotions in a video, you know the feeling is real. When you read about a campaign, your mind is wandering and thinking about what’s for lunch or dinner. If that elderly lady is crying from the pain relief she experienced using that brand new cutting edge medicine and see this first hand; you’re an instant believer. That’s what video marketing can do for your brand.

All those influencers and ‘instafamous’ YouTubers aren’t brilliant business people who have six degrees in success. They’re real people just like you and me who learned the art of communication and how to motivate people to do things they usually never thought about. That’s the biggest benefit from video marketing, learning to engage with your audience purely and sincerely, making them a believer in you and your brand.

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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