How To Plan Your Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Each and every day, the number of people who use social media daily is climbing, and there doesn’t seem to be a stopping point anytime soon. In fact, there are over three billion people (3,500,000,000) currently using some type of social media platform right now as you are reading this. That’s impressive, right? Just imagine what that means for all these businesses out there.

It used to be that the chances of being discovered on social media were the same as finding a needle in a haystack. But nowadays, that has changed, and tons of startups, entrepreneurs, and a wide array of different businesses have turned to social media marketing as their primary source for getting organic traffic to their websites and or landing pages.

How To Plan Your Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner or venturing with your first startup, you need to know that your social media marketing plan has to include a consistent social media presence. There is just no way around it if you want to reach thousands of potential customers who will never even know that you exist unless they find you via one of the many social media outlets.

The Importance of Publishing on Social Media Platforms

If you want to be discovered by future customers, you will want to publish compelling content to your social media pages and start amplifying the engagement. People are literally just waiting to find the next big thing or even that tiny detail that makes life so much easier. It doesn’t matter your niche; there is plenty of space for your business in the social media galaxy.

Publishing on social media can be as simple as sharing some videos or posting a few images related to your brand. Regardless of what avenue you choose, just be sure to make it unique and original. Don’t waste any time or effort on cloning your competition strategy because it rarely works and makes your brand vulnerable to unwanted attacks.  

The most critical aspect of publishing content on social media is planning what content you will use to post and publish. Don’t make the mistake of randomly publishing content that adds absolutely zero value to your brand. Instead, come up with new material that is catchy and represents your company in the right vibe.

Take the time to plan ahead and use one of the many social media scheduling tools to help optimize your posts’ time and frequency. Every little detail makes a significant impact on how successful your publishing efforts are, so don’t just wing it - plan it!   

The Bigger Picture - Engagement Through Listening

So many businesses make the mistake of posting and forgetting, always moving on to the next big idea. But what they are missing out on is the bigger picture, the opportunity to engage with their existing customers and their potential next customers. People want to know that your brand hears their concerns or notices their praise; just engaging helps people identify your brand as a positive and one that goes above and beyond.

You can easily keep the momentum going from a great social media marketing ad by merely responding to the comments. If they are positive, give a thumbs up or reply with a thank you or something relevant to the comment. If it’s a negative comment, you can put out the fire by offering assistance immediately. That way, it doesn’t keep smoking and drawing more attention.

When you keep the conversations going, you show the audience that you’re real and that your brand or business cares about what people are saying. It can honestly make all the difference in the world; people love to talk about both good and bad experiences - just make sure all yours are good or at least turn good after you stepped in and handle it.

If checking and responding to all the comments across multiple social media outlets seems a little daunting, then you can easily use one of the many different social media monitoring tools out there. There are tools to help you keep engaged and notify you when your name or brand has been tagged or mentioned in a comment.

Without these types of social monitoring tools, your social media marketing plan might become a little overwhelmed once all the organic traffic starts rolling in. Don’t lose sight of the prize, hire a social media expert if need be, or be prepared to put in a lot of hours when your success skyrockets. 

Author Bio: Simon Matthews

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