Managing your Social Media in 15 mintutes per day


I’m getting a little tired of hearing people say that you only need 15 minutes a day in order to manage your social media channels and I think this is one of the biggest Social Media Myths going. Of course, you could technically spend 15 minutes a day managing your social media channels but is that enough time to get it right?

Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest accounts aren’t just about sharing your content and they’re not a one-way push of information. You can’t post one Facebook post per day and hope that your following increases as engagement rises too.

So, why are businesses being told they can manage their social media in 15 minutes? If you run a successful social media account would you have been successful if you’d only spent 15 minutes per day managing it? No, I can’t imagine you do.

In the previous blog Did you forget to be social? I spoke about the need to engage and interact with people and explained how this is key to increasing engagement and being a part of the community. If you’re going to do this well it takes time.

Ok, so 15 minutes might be enough time to schedule some tweets or prepare a post on Facebook but once you’ve done that you’re not going to have too much time left.

Ah, scheduling tweets. Yes, automation is a huge part of social media now. You can schedule content to post at key times and this is really useful, I use it too. There’s also automation which allows you to auto-respond to people. Ever found yourself receiving a message within seconds of following someone on Twitter? That’s an automated response and it’ll either be fairly formal or a short “Hello”. I’m not a fan of this.

Automation is allowing us to use tools like Buffer to do more & more for us on social media and if you’re managing one or more social sites it is absolutely a good idea to use these. However, I still don’t think this equates to 15 minutes per day.

We can schedule one or more posts in a day/week with our tools, we can use a tool to respond to followers on Twitter and we can also use tools to quickly unlike/like people who’ve unfollowed or followed us (more on that last part another time) but in 15 minutes a day you won’t have time to engage with your fans or followers.

I spoke in the previous blog post about being authentic. Social media needs to keep it’s authenticity otherwise we’ll all be drowned out in this mass of automated messaging and that’s going to be really sad.

If you truly want to have an active & engaging social media site then find that extra time in the day to be exactly that, active & engaging. You don’t need to spend hours a day to achieve this but you will need to invest some time wisely.

I’d suggest:

  • Allow 5-10 minutes 3-4 times per day to dedicate to your social media site
  • Use this time to do the following:
    • See who’s liked/followed your site – follow back where suitable
    • See who’s liked, commented, tweeted or re-tweeted you – thank them or re-tweet where applicable
    • Scan through your timeline, find any articles you may want to share later, save them
    • Find interesting posts/tweets/pins/pictures, comment authentically
    • Find new pages or users to follow

Now, you don’t need to do all of that every time you login but you should attempt to cover all of those each day (maybe every couple of days for the bottom point). These will benefit your site by ensuring your active, you’re talking to people and it’s a great way to find new content that you may choose to share on your own site.

So you see, whilst it is technically possible to do some stuff to your social media site in 15 minutes a day if you want to do it well you’re going to need to allocate a bit more time and energy but if you do that you’ll almost certainly reap the rewards.

Tell me what you think, do you disagree and think it IS possible to achieve all this in 15 minutes per day or do you agree that it takes more time to do it well?


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