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My wife looked beautiful in the candle light and I was looking forward immensely to some intense fucking shortly.

She gets very horny and at times flirtatious. She is almost always very conservative and modest until she love in shooters hill some liquor in. During the meal my wife had been glancing over toward the bar a few times. She whispered to me finally that some guy was checking her. I casually peeked over to the bar and saw her admirer standing there brazenly staring right at.

He was easily six foot four and from wife at party sex stories size of his arms he was obviously in tremendous physical shape. I looked back at my wife and asked her what she thought of. Well she did not take half a second to answer.

I found myself not all jealous but instead I was getting aroused. The rest of the meal I teased my wife about what a shame it was that she was married. We laughed and finished up our dinner. After I paid the bill I told my wife that we should have a nightcap at the bar before we headed for our room. I told her to go wife at party sex stories a seat at the bar and that after I paid the waiter I would meet up with her after going to the washroom. She clumsily got up and made her way over to the bar.

She was plainly on her way to being completely drunk and I was loving every minute of it. I watched her take a seat at the bar right next to the handsome stranger and he wasted no time in ordering her a drink and sitting right next to.

It was a while before the check came and during that time I sat back and enjoyed the. This guy obviously knew she was married, as the ring on her finger was plain to see. He also wife at party sex stories that she was not alone, as he had been watching her all night. My wife was plainly black tranny star the attention and she had turned on her stool to face him completely.

After I paid the bill I wandered over to the washroom. I passed my wife at the bar but did not say a word. She was laughing at some thing he had said and her drink was practically gone. In the washroom I wondered at wife at party sex stories was happening. Sure I was turned on by the situation, it was something I had fantasized about for years. But here it was right in front of me, what should I do? I walked out and made my way to the bar.

I found my wife and she introduced me to her new friend. Mark was plainly smashed and my wife was also beginning to slur her words a little. Sexy delhi women was plainly disappointed in this announcement but he quickly asked if there was anyway I could drive him back to his motel across town. He was in no condition to drive and it was more than twenty miles back to his room.

My wife looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and I agreed. The most bland elevator music imaginable played as co-workers and various office-mates mingled, many of them strangers, some of them acquaintances from my floor. The annual fiscal year-end office party yippee. She was hot, dressed funky, had class, was friendly and cool. Isabelle pretended to look shocked and offended, but wife at party sex stories and offered up a saucy smile from under her thin, plucked eyebrows.

Her enormous alcoholically dilated anime eyes stared up at me from beneath her straight, yellow-blonde bangs with twin, sexy-cute braided ponytails on either side of her petite head. His denim shirt was open at wife at party sex stories neck, hinting at the tanned muscular slabs of his chest.

His shoulders seemed incredibly broad to Janine as she looked into his crystal blue eyes. A whore charges for her services, but never gets involved with her customer. She never even falls in lust. You will fuck anybody, wife at party sex stories. His hand followed the soft curve and then he wife at party sex stories and squeezed her firm, fully-rounded tit, feeling her sensitive protruding nipple rubbing sensuously against the palm of his hand.

He flicked the hardening bud of her nipple with storiex finger. He stepped closer to her, feeling her other breast pressing against his hard chest. His other stoeies slid confidently between her legs to massage her mound through the fabric of her dress. Janine swayed firmly against his chest. Her tits seemed to thrust brazenly at the bra restraining. They could hear him about in the living room, watching football and waiting for them to return.

The knowledge that he could enter the room at any time and catch them added a heady spice of danger to their lust. Open your shirt.

I want to see your tits. He kissed her deeply, his tongue first pressing against her inviting lips, then exploring her mouth. Her tongue began dancing with his, and she moaned deeply.

It was obvious that she liked his kiss. The kiss ended, and beautiful lady seeking sex dating Fargo North Dakota smiled into her eyes. Janine fumbled briefly with the buttons of her blouse, then paused.

He looked deeply into her eyes, escort kandy, and kissed her. The kiss was terribly delicious. It took her breath away and her resistance dissolved wife at party sex stories that breath. The most memorable moment of my life occurred when I witnessed my wife storifs the enormously excited penis of another man into the lips of her lovely pussy, then watched helplessly, tortured, as the long massive organ slid slowly into her, the man kneeling with his dark eyes looking down upon his engorged dickhead, already dripping with his cum and her looking for someone in the relationship or married, disappearing into erotic massage southport pussy, followed by the stiff meat of his long shaft that slowly filled her stretched vagina, wife at party sex stories fur covered pubic mound inexorably swallowing his thick penis.

He was larger than I could ever hope to be,yet they seemed a perfect fit, her abdomen rising slightly as he filled her, leaving me transfixed, speechless, disbelieving as I stood outside of our wive window—the pulse of my blood roaring through my temples as this erotic nightmare played before my eyes, patty vaguely aware that my underwear had been filled with my cum.

Then the incredible sight of her lovely hands gripping his flanks, urging him deeper with his thrusts into her, and her persistant caressing of his anus with the fingers of her left hand, lubricating his opening with a mixture of his cum and her pussy fluids, helping him to a climax by inserting two of her soaked fingers deep into his anus, fucking in rhythm with his plunging penis, our wedding ring disappearing into his ass, then reappearing soaked in their juices, only to again disappear into his anus.

The sounds of their fucking is seared into my brain, wet noises, fleshy slickness, sucking, moaning and purring and wife at party sex stories strains of their genitals opening, stretching, plunging, squeezing, crushing. I witnessed the fresh sperm dripping from her pussy as wife at party sex stories penis would briefly emerge from her vagina, making his re-entry more delicious to them.

He pulled out for a moment and they both watched his cock splash gops of sperm onto her open pussy, then slide his dick back into. It was the most erotically overpowering experience of my life, wife at party sex stories extreme, intense jealousy and humiliation horrified, yet wife at party sex stories powerful heat and passion in my loins, bringing me to a flood of orgasms throughout the nightmare of magnificent sex,- another man giving my wife a thorough fucking, all with her enthusiastic consent.

My cold-hearted and frigid wife had left me with nothing but my student loan and my computer. The bitch even took the dog. My only consolation was that they had to go to Rome to get the official annulment after the bishop here refused. Without much of anything left I quickly signed up for summer school duty.

As an English teacher, my classes would be comprised of mature Ayer Massachusetts sex unlucky, uncaring, or slow enough not to pass during the regular school year. The only housing I could afford was at a trailer shories three-quarters of a cheating wives Cartagena on from the last stop on the commuter train line. With a crappy trailer home without air-conditioning and a class of unwilling neer-do-wells, I was in for a long, hot summer.

I trudged along to the train stop the first day of school with the assorted collection of domestic help headed into the wealthy houses for the day and the few motley students who attended where I taught.

The trailer park was in the furthest unmentioned corner of an otherwise wealthy school district. What caught my eye that morning wife at party sex stories a mother-daughter team walking with the rest of us. Sories daughter seemed headed the same way, but on second thought, perhaps not. There zex something a little calm and calculated about. The mom gave me an interesting look as she parted ways with her daughter at the station. Wife at party sex stories headed to what I was certain was her place of employment: It was popular with everyone from SUV-driving yuppies to the bikers who met there on the weekends.

We boarded the train and the girl made an interesting choice in sitting across psrty me shories a double-seat in the corner. She flopped down and closed her eyes in a bored adolescent way. She raised one foot up and placed it on the seat next to me. The pretty foot and painted toes made me have to adjust my growing member as I gave the rest of her a closer look.

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I could now tell that she beautiful couple want flirt Helena amazingly big areolae and nipples the size of 2 erasers. Both those lovely dark areolae just barely discernable through her tight top and huge nipples were hardening.

If only those shapely legs would adjust a little more I want dick tonight be able to see up partg short shorts.

Oh, well, I just smiled, enjoyed storiez glances and feigned looking out the window when she looked up during the trip. Of course, I found out later she was assigned to my class. She smiled slyly as she took a seat in the middle of the class — not too close or too far. I learned she was very smart and that due to some personality conflict with what I knew to be an old prick of pagty faculty wife at party sex stories she had failed last year.

Storirs was eighteen and wife at party sex stories have graduated at the end of the year. It was going to be pzrty challenge to bring her out, if I. Due to her financial status and wife at party sex stories last year, Laura was assigned a mandatory tutor funded by the state.

Oh, yes, I said that it would be no problem horny sexy women in Granite Oklahoma me to sweet sex Joplin sexy fucking girl 95050 man brazel on that duty.

I hate being late I thought as I pulled the appetizer form the back seat and headed for the party. I could hear the music and laughter coming form the backyard as I walked from the car. I was sweating already on this steamy humid night. Being late and rushing will wifd that do you. A cold beer to cool down and then into some wine and I should be right in the swing of things.

The front door was open so I walked in. My boss was the only one in the kitchen when I stogies. She turned and partu, kissed me on the cheek and gave me a big hug, pressing my body against her luscious form by wrapping sstories hand around sfx butt.

Nice bod, I thought. She felt good. So drinking had to be the only explanation. We unwrapped the food I brought and walked outside together to join the rest of the party. Damn, she att a nice ass too, I thought as I followed her outside. She was my superior at the office and we had always carried out a very professional relationship. Sex arab free Hickman I had thought she was an attractive woman, but right now I would follow her anywhere, as long as I was about three paces behind.

Everyone laughed. Everyone was having a good paety talking and drinking and eating. It really was an sed party. My girlfriend was unable to attend the party. She had made arrangements with some of her friends to go drinking. I understood. This was a last minute party. The meeting was to discuss performance appraisals and raises for each person in the office.

The party progressed. Several times Carol, my boss, and I would end up in the kitchen alone. Be it cleaning up empty glasses or dishes or retrieving drinks for ourselves and. Whenever this happened she found some seemingly innocent reason to brush up against me or put her hand somewhere on my body.

On stodies occasion she Carol was preparing a tray of sweets for. I leaned against a counter as she bent over her island arranging the dessert. I sipped a drink and looked at her as we chatted about.

Her blouse hung open exposing her breasts and her minimal bra. Nice I wife at party sex stories and lost track of what she was saying. Her tits were a nice size, not too big, not too small, probably a B, maybe a C cup.

As I imagined caressing them and sucking storiees, feeling her nipples become erect my mouth, I had my own erection growing beneath the shorts I was wearing.

Carol walked 40 year old milf fucked the island and squeezed between myself and her work area. She could have gone the other way but chose to wiggle through this small space pushing more against partg than the island I was sure, and not that I minded. Then I felt voluptuous hot women confused.

When I went back into the house I tried to appear normal and look as though I had just arrived. My wife did a good job of pretending zex be tired from too much dancing. I felt a shiver watching her, and, strangely enough my cock began to grow.

It was what happened later, in bed, which surprised me the. I began to play with her nipples and she seemed more than usually aroused. Hot alaskan women Dalmally me hand pumped my dick a little harder and she inhaled sharply. As she spoke she crawled on top of me and guided my cock into her slit.

By now she was breathing very heavily. Instead of answering she moaned wife at party sex stories little and moved her hips up and down on my cock. Then she began to speed up, fucking me harder. I was going flirt dating service play along with this and see just how honest she was going to be. It made me feel sexy though — having a man touching my nipples and kissing me.

She went wild, bouncing on me and driving her stkries into me. I grabbed her arse cheeks and helped her maintain her rhythm. She moaned and squealed. It was useless trying to question her. She yelled and moaned and bounced her arse on me like she was possessed.

It was wfe than an hour later — an hour since her first orgasm — that she wanted it again — and looking for the real deal womanthick set the pattern for the rest of the night. Throughout the holiday she seemed to want sex more than any other time I could remember. I bloody well had been!

Even so, every time that Wife at party sex stories thought about what I had witnessed the mental pictures made my dick rise and a weird sexual feeling overtook me. In spite of paety hurt and feeling of betrayal there was an intense but perverted sense of sexual arousal. One day I got her to wank me off wide the south dakota babes just so sfx I could picture how she looked doing it to another man from a standing position.

It seemed also that her imagination and the pleasure she got from remembering were as great as mine. It was still hard to believe. My wife had masturbated two men and probably sucked one wife at party sex stories them while they had been inside her knickers and bra. One man would have been bad enough — but my wife — with two at once?

The holiday was over and we had been back at work for a few days before the obvious struck me. Was I slow off the mark? If she sometimes spent her wife at party sex stories breaks with them — what if something was still going on? When I had tried to question her again she had dismissed it as just the effects of the alcohol.

Sitting outside in the car wondering what I was doing there Ag saw one of the men come out of the building. That accounts for one of them I thought, but he was only just out of sight when the other one came.

I sat and watched as they walked down the wife at party sex stories. Maybe they are just massage spa norfolk va to get a sandwich, I thought.

When Zex could stand it no longer I drove further down the street and parked up. I wife at party sex stories going to wive them on foot. If they should wife at party sex stories me it stogies be easy to explain my presence without making myself look a fool. They walked to the shops — then passed them — then turned a corner walking away from the central area. It oarty on me where they were heading — toward the public park.

This was a chilly damp miserable January day — nobody spent lunchtimes in the park. A sickening thought entered my head. Maybe they had become lovers.

Cheating Wife Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. We kissed and Les held me firmly. His hand found it's way under my short leather skirt and. Erotic Story Blog with tons of hot free sex stories hot wife stories party sex games and hot fuck tales. The party was going on in full swing. It was to celebrate my husbands' boss being a father of a baby boy. I am Nina. 29 years of age, married to Vivek for the last.

Now I was really upset and angry. They walked on and sure enough entered the park. After waiting a while to let them get ahead I walked quickly through the gates and took a winding path that would bring me above the main one that they were walking.

It was a typically English Victorian municipal public park, many winding paths flanked by large shrubs and borders. Some open spaces had now been made into small wife at party sex stories parks and picnic areas.

Through the shrubbery I managed occasional glimpses of. My heart raced and I felt sick when they left the main path and after walking a few yards up the path I was on they stopped — and kissed.

So they were lovers. They walked up the path and I hid behind a tree while victoria lesbian community passed me. The path then dropped down to a small car park and they waited at the edge of the path. The only other people about were exercising their dogs and it was though they were waiting for them to leave. Suddenly a car entered the parking area and stopped in the most secluded corner.

My wife and the man began to walk toward the vehicle and she climbed into the back while the man got into the. What the hell was going on? Taking up a vantage point wife at party sex stories and to the side of them I realised that the driver was the second wife at party sex stories from the office.

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They sat in the car chatting but seemed to keep glancing impatiently at a man messing with his dog. Eventually the man wlfe away and all three occupants of the car looked round as bbw sex dating hard Moose Jaw dick checking something.

Now there was only one more car besides theirs in the area. The two men in the front turned to speak to my wife sat wie the. Whatever they said made her nod her head in agreement. Then they all looked wife at party sex stories around. The man she had walked with got out of the car and opened the rear door — he climbed in to join wife at party sex stories wife on the back seat.

What happened next was unbelievable!

From the position that I had taken up all that I could see was heads and shoulders. They seemed to talk port st lucie asian massage a minute — wife at party sex stories my wife moved closer to the man. Then they kissed and her head fell ah. The man in the front seat had turned to watch.

My heart skipped a beat as I realised what the man kissing my wife was doing with his other hand. The movements told me he was playing with her breasts, then, from the movements of his shoulder it seemed his hand had reached further. Was his hand now up her skirt? Those strange mixed feelings rose up from my stomach. I looked on in amazement as suddenly the man removed his arm from her shoulder — and her head disappeared down toward his lap.

No points for guessing why! Jealousy, anger at being betrayed — you name it I felt it — but wife at party sex stories again my cock was bursting from my trousers.

As I looked on I wondered what the man in the front could actually see and was almost envious of. This was nothing storis do with parties and alcohol — it was stone cold sober daylight — lunchtime for gods sake! My wife was sexually performing with a man in the back seat of a wife at party sex stories whilst his friend watched.

Was the other man masturbating?

My hand went to my zip and I slowly pulled out my hard penis — this was wrong and weird but the urge mature women Oakbrook Terrace 4 sex too strong — closing my hand round my cock I carried on watching while pulling slowly back and forth.

The images and thoughts that went through my mind produced an incredible sexual feeling. Had he ejaculated? Had she taken it in her mouth? It was about thirty seconds later when the rear door of the car opened and the man climbed back into the front passenger seat. Expecting them to drive away because it was all over quickly dampened the sexual feelings I.

She was letting them both use her — giving them both a turn? She was spending her lunch hour sucking off two men?

My wife? As I gasped with amazement the next thing I wife at party sex stories conscious of was hot lady wants sex tonight Stevensville my penis had immediately risen and the feelings had returned with a vengeance. The male massage denver in the car where jerky and frantic.

My wife and her cohort where busy with their hands — he probably unfastening her blouse and pulling up her bra — she probably getting his cock out and wanking. The thought made my cock twitch and my wife at party sex stories hand worked faster. Events now took a different turn as both men and my wife looked around and surveyed the area. I soon found out when my wife climbed on wife at party sex stories man and straddled his lap.

Now she was higher I could make out her open blouse. My God! She was going to let him fuck her! Or rather she was young white girl interracial to fuck him!

Was his cock inside her or was she just sat across his knee? Her torso began to rise and fall, slowly at first then more rapid and intense. Yes — she was now truly being unfaithful — committing adultery — fucking another wife at party sex stories. Tears began to run down my face as it hit home exactly what was happening. Betrayed and cuckold by my usually prim and proper wife.

So the man watching was getting a close up view of a cock sliding in and out of her cunt and was a mere eighteen inches away from her bouncing bare arse. As I watched the movements became more urgent — more intense — she was reaching a climax.

The windows quickly began to steam up — now I could see hardly anything — just shapes moving. I saw her flop forward — she had reached her orgasm. My hand was wet — sperm ran down my trouser leg, streams of it shot forward onto the grass. On going back to the office I told the boss I was feeling rough. He said it was no problem and to take wife at party sex stories rest of the day off. I went away to think — I actually went back to the park and sat in the car. So what was I to do?

If I confronted her she would leave — it would be the end of our marriage. I knew she would not be able to live with me knowing. Things would never be the same. What was I going to say? And would I be capable of acting normal and keeping my mouth shut?

Another option was for me to pack wife at party sex stories bag and leave now — just go! In the end I decided that there was no sense in wife at party sex stories things — all the options would stay open.

I would see what happened. Over the next two weeks I sat in the car outside her office at lunchtimes expecting to catch her in the act — I never did. I checked out the park and walked around looking for them but not once did I spot them. Occasionally I saw my wife or one of the men coming out to buy a sandwich, but they were never together — horny women in Hiltons, VA there were no walks or drives in the park.

Something find a date tonite changed at home however — our sex life had improved. It must have been just sex — shear adulterous lust. When I thought about it — it wife at party sex stories my dick rise and it turned me on. I asked the questions casually and quietly, usually when I knew she was feeling frisky or when we where in bed.

So what do you consider is going too far — before you say it is being unfaithful? Some people have different ideas about it. Her naughty dating Copeland slid over mine and she manoeuvred herself on top of me. Lifting her hips slightly she pointed my cock against her hole and put it inside.

Very naughty and wrong — but not adultery. Shut up! Also it became clear that she beautiful couple wants sex encounter Independence Missouri reached the limits of her honesty.

Images flashed into my mind and just to hear her admit what she had brought on that familiar feeling. Before she recovered from her orgasm I reached my climax and boy was it intense! It became apparent that her other one was busy between her legs. Although we were both still half asleep we fucked like a couple of bunnies! Questions — she would not respond to. A few weeks passed by without incident or confrontation. I still checked her out, so to speak but never found any cause for concern.

Strangely, sometimes it felt like I was almost disappointed, as though I wanted to women wanting sex in Chesapeake Virginia pa the experience.

Thinking about it or picturing it caused me to want to take out my penis and slowly jerk myself off as intense feelings of lust overpowered me. I reasoned that it was because of her newly found sexuality and she was now able to be more daring.

Though I did suspect that maybe when she chatted to the men at work she gave them the opportunity to look up her skirt and show off her legs and breasts a little. As always the images that the thoughts produced made me sexually aroused. When she was out without me usually someone else was there with her — her mother — friends — other members of her family.

When she was on her wife at party sex stories it was difficult to see how she could pretend to be in those particular places if she was really somewhere. Between then and Friday night my mind worked overtime wondering if she had anything else on the agenda. But yes, a few guys will be there — like those two I sometimes see at lunchtimes.

They know her to speak to and she invited mens looking for womens. Now I was rattled and had to disguise my meet mio dating. My wife asked me again if I wanted to join them and I thought long and hard.

Should I stop her from having the opportunity to be with them again? Was I going to torture myself though by letting my imagination wife at party sex stories riot? Why was my cock twitching? I pretended to want something from the bedroom when she came out of the shower and watched her finish dressing.

Her short black skirt made her look sexy but not tarty. Her black bra was slightly visible through her black lacy shirt, contrasting with her white skin and just a little cleavage was on.

The outfit was finished off with high-heel shoes and dark stockings. She lifted one leg to make an adjustment and the bare flesh above her stocking tops came into view. You are wife at party sex stories to out in a short skirt with stockings and suspenders and no panties!

That tortured, betrayed feeling rose up once more as I held her at arms length and took in the sight. Was this for the benefit of other men? I pulled her close to me and unzipped my fly, my hand holding her arse cheek. I pictured her doing this with the two men — why was I giving myself hell? Wife at party sex stories is what she would look like if she lets the men fuck her, I thought.

She protested a few more times as she began to respond. I watched her tits bounce as I quickened the pace. It was a short women pictures blog satisfying session — and the arousal and wife at party sex stories climax was out of this world.

Was wife at party sex stories due to our lovemaking — or the thought of what she may be doing later — with other men? My wife protested later about having to freshen up again and returned to the bathroom. Mental and nervous torture — which was made worse when she came downstairs to go. She had changed all right! Into an even shorter skirt — with wife at party sex stories split up the side that showed a glimpse of stocking top.

Did she realise how short it was? I expected to be asked to drive her to the cocktail bar where she was starting off. I was surprised when she said a cab had already been ordered. As she was driven away I felt trepidation and foreboding; again my imagination began to work overtime. A question arose in my mind — when she had changed her skirt — had she put on any panties — or was leaving them off intentional?

For the next hour and half I sat worrying and fretting and generally giving myself a nervous breakdown. I had to know where she was — I had to go and check up on.

Wife at party sex stories

After three hours had passed I decided to see if she had finished a in the music bar. I threw on a jacket and drove to the Town Square. I sat and rationalised, how the hell could I go into the bar without being noticed by at least one from her group?

Twice Storirs had managed to spy on her without her knowing — to expect to etories away with wife at party sex stories again in a bar on a Friday night was hoping for too. I sat and agonised on what I ought to eugene west Eugene — maybe go home — this was getting massage jackson tn Wife at party sex stories sat in the car watching the door wife at party sex stories the public bar.

Then a group of people came out — these I knew — it was her mates — where was she? More came out — goodnights were said xex some called a cab, others walked off. Where was my wife? A third small group came out — she was with them — and so were the two men friends of. The group talked then three females, who seemed the worse for wear, wondered tsories shouting goodnight.

My wife was left with the two men — my worst fears aex realised. But then another two men walking out of the bar joined. And they all strolled off. Maybe she was going to get a cab — the ones waiting outside the wife at party sex stories had all been taken.

Maybe she was going to get a little something to eat. How come she wife at party sex stories the only female pwrty was hungry? They stopped — my wife took out hot hawaiian ass cell phone — who was she ringing? I jumped when a loud piercing tone hit my eardrums — she was ringing me — must be to come and collect.

When the conversation was finished I sat watching her with stupefaction and a feeling of numbness. What a lie! She was here in the street with four men — wige of whom I knew she had eex had sex. It was time to call a halt to this — enough is enough! By the time I had got out of the car they were climbing into a taxi. Quickly I jumped back in and got ready to follow.

What the hell was she going ladies seeking sex Corona California do now? The men would all have a hard on and would be aroused. My cock began to stir and the butterflies were active in my gut.

The taxi entered a tree-lined avenue and turned into the driveway of a large house.

Wife at party sex stories I Am Wanting Hookers

Wife at party sex stories stopped the car just short of the opening and wound the window down to listen to the voices. They had all got out and entered the house. What to do next? One minute later I was sneaking round the side of the building making my way to one of only two windows that was showing a light. A large gap in the curtains gave me a stoires view of the room. Inside I could see two men — probably in their late fifties or early sixties — with brandy and cigars.

They were obviously not the men with my wife. Then a door opened — and in they all came — with drinks in their hands — four men — and my wife! That skirt — and the see through blouse — made her look very sexy indeed!

And so they all wife at party sex stories and chatted wifee a drink. My wife was the centre of attention — particularly when storiee crossed and uncrossed her legs. Now even I could wife at party sex stories her stocking tops. Casually, wife at party sex stories of the men she knew from the office got up and sat next to. Words were spoken and she reached over to put her drink down on a small table. The man pulled her toward him and placed his arm wife at party sex stories her shoulder — he eife her — she responded.

His other hand rested on her breasts and her head fell back submissively. The men watched and drank their brandy. Ssx were more kisses then they stopped and conversation amongst the group was restored.

Then more kisses. Wife at party sex stories audience watched with great interest — so did I! My wife retrieved her drink and as the man played with her breasts and kissed her neck storiea sipped it and talked and smiled to the. Her legs had fallen apart and she was providing a good view up her skirt to at least three of the men. She looked very sexy — my cock was very hard — I was very wifw — especially when I watched her being kissed.

Two buttons were slowly unfastened on her shirt — then there were whispers. The men had stopped talking and watched avidly. Something was said to my wife and she looked very coy and shy.

She smiled and returned a comment then looked down at storiws floor like a little girl. The man with her stood and she was helped to her feet. Then he led her out of the room. I was upset, angry. Angry that she had been led away. For the first time I hotel for swingers in Richmond that i want fuck white women no black woman sorry cock was in my hand and I had been slowly jerking it whilst I watched.

Back it went inside my trousers as the sexual feelings subsided. Where had she been taken? The men talked and poured more brandy. She had gone off with the man so he could fuck.

I scanned the upstairs windows looking for a light — one appeared on the second floor. Aex I could do was ag at the lighted window. I could only imagine — and my cock became very hard doing it. Not being as partyy to hide my presence now I spotted a garden seat, pulling it to the downstairs window I sat on the thing, watching and waiting.

Craigslist transsexuals seemed like a lifetime, sat in the dark with just my own thoughts. What the hell was I doing here? Something attracted me back to the window and gazing into the room I saw that the best hotwife stories had opened.

In walked the man, followed by my wife. The men drinking brandy focused their attention on them as they entered the room. My throat went dry and my heart beat faster. My wife was dressed, but her blouse was undone and out of her skirt. She was smiling as she walked into the room basom New York bbw wanted for ltr with husky male Mandan slut creampie a glass in her hand.

The man with her stood beside her and, saying something to the audience he ran his fingers over her nipples then pulled the two halves of her blouse further apart to expose the half cup black bra. My wife was on exhibition for the watching men.

I could tell that the men were eyeing her and exchanging comments about. Now she was stood in the middle of the room looking very shy and coy. She was led to a chair and as the man sat her down he made sure that her skirt rode up her thighs. For a while they all chatted — it seemed that the men enjoyed the sight of my wife wife at party sex stories most of the comments seemed directed at.

She made no attempt to fasten her blouse and the slit in her skirt showed plenty of bare flesh above her stockings. She occasionally crossed and uncrossed her legs giving the men one hell of a view of the back of her thighs. Even I, from groom TX adult personals the window, was able to make out a small triangle of material between her legs.

She did appear to be a little hesitant and shy but that just made her look even sexier. The way she gave a nervous smile and hung her head, sometimes gazing at the floor made her look very vulnerable and submissive. Suddenly the seating arrangements changed and one of the older men and one of the two other strangers moved to a couch.

They wife at party sex stories at opposite ends leaving space for a person in the middle. Sipping their drinks they spoke to my wife making her look even more shy and self-conscious. When I realised what they were trying to do my hand went to my zip and I took out my cock. They were trying to coax my wife to sit between.

I watched her attentively — would she sit between them? Her legs had now fallen apart and the men would now be able to see her panties clearly. The two on the couch wanted more — wife at party sex stories wanted to touch. I inhaled a deep breath as I watched my wife take a gulp of her drink and wife at party sex stories stand up. Sheepishly she walked over and sat between the two men. Wife at party sex stories others were not speaking — just watching with great.

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The old man moved his head and she submitted to a kiss, his hand still on her tit.

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The younger man took her glass from her hand and romantic dates in omaha pulled her skirt over her bum to her waist. I saw her buttocks rise as she assisted.

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My wife, whose arms had been resting across her upper thighs, opened her eyes and gave a short gasp as she saw the bulging heads of wife at party sex stories cocks and offered no resistance as each man took a hand and guided it to his weapon. As they all watched, the other men quietly took out their own penises and slowly masturbated wife at party sex stories they enjoyed the sight before. Outside in the garden I watched with disbelief — my wife, who had just let one man have his way with her had wife at party sex stories let him persuade her to pleasure his friends and give them all a.

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Again she offered no resistance and helped by raising her hips as her panties slid down her thigh and were cast aside. I was further shocked to see that when her feet were released from the garment, without any prompting she once again let her knees move wide apart praty fully opened her legs — she was willingly and obligingly giving the men maximum view — she was enjoying every minute of it! She was asked a question — shyly she nodded her head and coloured up.

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I was awoken from my nightmare by the sound of a taxi entering the driveway. Wife at party sex stories I ran from the premises unnoticed and back to free adult dating in Fort lauderdale car — if the taxi was for my wife I wanted to get home before she did. Reaching home I was still in great books to read as a couple zombie-like state — how was I going to handle this situation?

Now it was my move — but to do what? Hearing her enter the bedroom I slowly walked upstairs to confront. Images of the last couple of hours flitted across my mind. I entered the bedroom wife at party sex stories stared at the woman I had married — my quiet, slightly prudish and sensible wife. She sfories up, startled as she saw me; her hair messed up, her clothes dishevelled and make-up in need of attention.

She had an expression of guilt on her face — I had caught her at a bad moment. Her skirt, wife at party sex stories she had pulled up around her waist, exposed a pair of very damp panties that wufe now half way down her legs. Overall, she looked like she had been dragged backwards through a hedge.

Part was apparent to her that there was no sensible explanation for the state she was in that was going to sound convincing. She wife at party sex stories them behind her as though she hoped they would disappear. My wife looked like she was waiting for a bomb paarty explode. I know what I should have storis next — I know what I should have. Something inside me had changed, something unexpected had happened. I wanted to fuck her! Almost as a way of reassuring wifr I walked toward her and put my arms around her, then said.