7 Benefits to advertising on social media


It can be difficult to understand the benefits social media can bring to your business. There are many different platforms to use, each one requires a different strategy in order to succeed and all of them will require a lot of effort in order to maximise their potential.

With this in mind it can be a bit daunting when it comes to using social media to market your business. Time, know-how and return on investment can be barriers to businesses getting started.

So in order to help you consider the possible positives of digital marketing we’ve created a list of 7 benefits to promoting your business via social media.

The items on this list certainly aren’t the only 7 benefits to advertising on social media but they’re a great starting point and we hope this list will help you see the wide range of possibilities whilst perhaps triggering some ideas for how your business could benefit from social media marketing. We’ve also included some little tips to what you could do on certain channels for each item.

1 Awareness

Social media can support your traditional outbound advertising methods and help increase awareness of your business, products & services. Whether it’s B2B or B2C you can find a suitable channel to express the tone & values of your business to a vast audience.

Facebook: Use adverts & campaigns to promote your business page.
Twitter: Follow & engage with businesses or potential clients. Share content. Utilise the search.
Instagram: Hashtag research, branded & high quality images.

2 Direction

Any online advertising should ultimately aim to drive potential customers to your website. You can use social media marketing to direct customers to your website and from there it’s essential you have a website which makes it easy for the consumer to purchase your services.

Facebook: Use adverts with a CTA which directs people to your website.
Twitter: Share blogs & content which direct people to your website.
Instagram: Use posts to encourage people to visit your website link in your bio.

3 Products

Utilise your social media channels to promote your products and services to potential customers. You can highlight new or existing products or tell customers about promotions or short term deals.

Facebook: Use posts with products in images or create competitions which give away freebies, discounts or offers.
Twitter: Blog about your products & services.
Instagram: Create high quality images of your products and include well researched hashtags.

4 Promotion

Shout about what your business does well. Use your social media platforms to tell people about your successes, achievements, awards and happy customers.

Facebook: Use Facebook live to demo a company event or talk to your audience.
Snapchat: Use snaps to tell the story about what your business does on a daily basis.
YouTube: Create videos of customer testimonials.

5 Credibility

Write articles and share information which demonstrates your expertise and know-how in your business domain. Share tips, opinions and useful information which helps people.

Facebook: Share blogs or articles and use Facebook live to do Q&A sessions
Twitter: Share blogs & articles
YouTube: Create tutorials, demo’s or advice videos.

6 Engagement

Talk to your audience, ask questions, offer support & guidance. Use social media as a way to pro-actively gather feedback from customers and also use it to respond to unhappy customers (remember we said 40% of online consumers want to give feedback on products via social media).

Facebook: Use a survey or competition to engage with followers.
Twitter: Hold Q&As, monitor mentions of your brand and pro-actively contact people who mention your business (positively or negatively)
Snapchat: Tell stories about your business, show behind the scenes footage.

7 Reach

Social Media gives you a huge potential audience and most platforms provide you with the tools to directly target customers. Utilise these tools correctly and your business could reach customers you might not have been able to find through non-digital marketing methods.

If this list has stimulated some ideas and you want some advice around online marketing feel free to get in touch. Likewise, if you’re keen to get started but simply don’t have the time why not take a look at our services and see how we can help you.

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