Using Snapchat to tell your story


There’s a bit of a perception around that says Snapchat is only for the younger generation and if you share this view it could mean you’re missing an opportunity for your brand.

Granted, Snapchat has been dominated by a largely younger demographic but that’s fine because that’s how social media channels are going to be tested going forward.

The younger generation are more savvy than any other generation when it comes to social media so it’s going to be the norm that such channels rise up from a younger generation before the opportunities open up for brands and older generations.

Snapchat is taking off big time. Firstly, as we recognise, it was used by young people to share amusing pictures and videos but then brands started looking at it and realising that it possesses this fantastic capacity to tell a story.

A story? An absolutely essential tool for any brand or marketer. Not just a story either, a visual and dynamic story that engages with people. Sure, brands can tell stories via static images or articles (words) but this isn’t where social media is heading.

Social media is becoming more and more visual, video content is huge and apps like Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live will become the norms for us over the next few years.

People are no longer satisfied with static content. Sure, there’s an appropriate need for written or static content but people also desire more. They want engaging content and they want to interact with that content.

Snapchat’s UI may take a little getting used too. Everything is driven by swiping rather than menu items (like in other applications) but once you get used to that it’s a fantastic application.

If you’re a bit nervous about jumping straight in with your brand then I’d recommend joining for personal use. Download the application, sign in and follow some friends and see what they’re posting up.

Getting Started with Snapchat

Download application and register
Snapchat always starts with the take image view
Swipe left to see stories and images from friends
Swipe right to see contacts
When viewing images you can tap screen to see next image in story
When viewing image you can swipe down to exit
When viewing image you can swipe up to chat with that person

For your brand purposes and learning how other people and businesses use Snapchat I’d recommend a few of the following people who I follow on the platform:

These are four accounts who’ll demonstrate how you could and can build a story across a day (a story is a collection of videos or images you put together over a day, very cool) and how they interact with their followers.

The “My Story” function in Snapchat is really key in this ability to tell your story. Whether you use it to tell the story of your day, or a day in the life of your business, or whether you use it to keep people updated with an event related to your business it really is very powerful.

Snapchat is here to stay and it’s growing rapidly. Don’t be put off by the thought that it’s only for the younger generation when it’s being used by more and more brands every day.

Download the app, take a look around and decide for yourself if your business could tell its story on Snapchat.

Tell me what you think, have you embraced Snapchat for your brand or have you been put off so far? If you’ve been put off, why is that?

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