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How to get value from Snapchat

Let’s not beat around the bush here; it’s May 2016 and Snapchat is where it’s at. Irrespective of whether you’re a teenager using the app to send funny snaps to friends or a 40+ business owner telling the story of their business, Snapchat is the place to be.

I’m a huge advocate and I’ve only been using it for a few months now. It’s intriguing, it’s witty, it’s informative and it’s a creatives dream. But it isn’t actually the app that’s intriguing, witty etc, it’s the people who use it and that’s irrespective of whether it’s my friends or some of the inspirational business folk I’ve followed in the last two months.

This ability it gives you to get creative and tell your story is huge and un-rivalled in the world of social media.

I’ve spoken about the application before and since that point my enthusiasm and admiration for the app has only grown as I’ve followed more inspirational people.

It’s not just about what the other people have to offer you on the app though, it’s the ease in which it allows you to build relationships, to understand people and I also think there’s a real potential for snapchat to help people develop their public speaking skills – yes, really.

Building relationships on Snapchat

I’ve spoken a lot in blogs, on Instagram and on Twitter about the importance of building relationships on social media and not just treating it as a one-way push of your own information.

What I’ve realised with Snapchat is how it has this amazing ability to bring people to life, to really show their personality and who they are. I can’t think of another social media platform which allows you to do that (perhaps maybe just Periscope and Facebook Live but in different ways).

You see, every other platform allows you to write about yourself, to take photos and record videos but none of them allow you to do it in a way which really gives someone else a feel for you, your life, your personality. Snapchat just has this fantastic way of stripping back any masks which might exist on other social channels and showing people for who they really are.

It’s raw right? People aren’t in studios, they’re not adding filters (well, not professional filters anyway) because they’re just showing themselves and that’s what’s separating Snapchat from the other big social media platforms for me currently.

What I’m really enjoying are the Snappers (Ed – unclear if this is the collective noun for a bunch of people on Snapchat) who are giving me a range of content. For example, they’re mixing the story of their day or business in with what’s happening in their world and this is what helps you/me to identify with them so much more quickly than would be possible on any other social media platform.

As a business owner, at it’s bare minimum Snapchat will allow you to tell people what you know but it can be so much more than that – you can really build great relationships using this application.

Actually, when I say “telling people what you know” I need to add a word of caution because this is where you could get it wrong. You don’t want to go on Snapchat and start selling products. No, if you use Snapchat to offer advice, support & guidance that help people they will follow you but if you just want to sell your content you’re not going to build relationships.

What I find great about some of the folks I follow is they’re not selling me content. They’re providing information; real, useful, actionable information which supports me in my business and I’m starting to do the same.

Using Snapchat to improve your Public Speaking

If you’ve kept up to date with current movements in the world of social media you’ll be well aware that video is huge. Video is the future and business owners are realising that’s where they need to be. However, isn’t live video a bit like public speaking just in a different format?

That’s right, talking in front of audiences. It’s a huge fear and I think the majority of us are probably apprehensive about talking in front of an audience. But what does this have to do with Snapchat?

Well, there’s a good chance that you’re reading this thinking, “Yeah, I DO want to start using video to promote my video but you’re right, I AM nervous about it”. So, how about using Snapchat as a way to start overcoming some of that fear?

Snapchat allows you to take pictures and video. Videos are short, 5-10 seconds max, so really short snippets. A lot of users are taking a series of short videos across a day but the great thing, as I said above, is that it’s raw. It doesn’t have to be polished, you don’t need to wear a suit, do your hair or prepare a speech to be a good snapper.

So why not use Snapchat as a way to start recording videos of yourself and get comfortable with not being perfect, not getting it right but just being you. Get comfortable with seeing yourself in a video, hearing your own voice and using it to build some confidence.

If you can become confident creating videos in Snapchat (which you will, because people don’t care what you look like or how polished the video is as long as you’re giving them some value) then you could make that move to those videos, maybe on YouTube or Facebook, that you’ve been thinking about publishing on your Facebook Page or website.

I truly believe there’s a great opportunity for those of you who are apprehensive about public speaking or video to improve those skills using Snapchat so please, if that’s you, give it a go and I’d love to hear how you get on.

It’s actually quite difficult to convey the way the application works, the benefits and some of the points above in a written article so I’m going to share a list of the people I follow on Snapchat and I hope you’ll follow them if this article has made you want to try it out.

After the list I’ve shown my snap code which you can use to add me on the application either by using the image or my username. What I’d really love to hear is whether this article’s inspired you to use Snapchat? Let me know – I hope it has and I hope you come back and let me know how you get on.

Snap chatters (Snappers) to follow! (In alphabetical order)

  • alimcgil69
  • alexpettittsnap
  • annejphotos
  • benlevermore
  • catxdavies
  • chrismarr101
  • danknowlton1
  • joelcomm
  • mplatco

If you follow these folks you’ll get a real feel for the range of people using the app in different ways. Different businesses, different people, different expertise, different personalities but all thoroughly enjoyable to follow.

Note: There are other “big hitters” of the Snapchat world listed on my other blog regarding Snapchat.

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