I’ve taken the decision to close Simon Social Media Ltd and I want to take this opportunity to inform you why I’ve made the decision and what is next for me.

It’s almost three years since I launched this business. I started it because I felt I could help small businesses with their social media marketing. I also thought it would be a useful second income stream.

In those three years, I’ve taken great satisfaction in teaching small business owners how to use social media to market their business and in doing so I’ve met some amazing people. Meeting new people has been one of the highlights of running this business – some have become friends whilst others have taught me so much about the industry and marketing in general.

I have, however, always found it hard to attract and maintain clients. There could be a number of reasons for this. I’m not a natural salesperson. I always undervalued myself. I’ve definitely suffered from imposter syndrome. It was a part-time business so I could only meet and work in the evenings. I had a traumatic year personally last year. Etc etc. Maybe they’re excuses, maybe they’re genuine reasons.

Whilst I’ve been inspired to develop my business and work on my marketing by so many of you (and especially those in the Content Marketing Academy), I find myself in a place where I’ve lost the fire. I love learning. I’ve loved learning about Social Media Marketing, just as I continue to be fascinated by Content Marketing. However, I’ve lost the enthusiasm to put the effort into a business which has started to feel like a chore.

I guess the benefit of a part-time business, if you can call it a benefit, is it’s not a primary income. Far from it. And hence my decision to bring an end to this chapter of my life comes without complications.

This is not the end of my interest in social media, marketing, websites, SEO, email, writing, video, content, mobile apps etc. It’s just that my interest won’t manifest through this business.

I am beginning the process of closing it down and whilst I’m not sure what that entails completely, the doors to Simon Social Media are now closed.

So, what does the future hold?

I’ll be renaming my social media accounts on Twitter & Instagram. I’ve built too many great relationships to close those accounts. I’ll rename them to something personal and continue to talk about all things Social & Digital there.

I want to invest more personal time in photography, video and video editing. That’s where my passion & interest lie for now. I’m also exploring ideas around non-profit initiatives which align with these interests.

My fascination with video stems from YouTube. Photography is something I’m keen to learn more about. I inherited my dad’s camera and I want to honour him and keep the camera taking great photos. I’ll share this journey on my current social accounts.

I spoke to the brilliant folk in the Content Marketing Academy about my situation and there was an overwhelming response that said I should not see this as a failure but as part of my evolution. I like that, we’re all on a journey and whilst this chapter closes I look forward to a new one opening.

  • If you’ve been a customer, I thank you for trusting in me.
  • If you’ve supported me, I thank you for helping me to grow and learn.
  • If you’ve been a friend or follower, I hope we stay in touch.

Speak soon.


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