Learn How To Use Instagram for Business

What’s covered in this email series?

  1. Why Instagram for Business?
  2. Understanding Hashtags
  3. Locations, Locations, Locations
  4. What should you post on Instagram?
  5. Getting started with video
  6. Instagram Stories
  7. Being a good social citizen
  8. The Instagram algorithm
  9. Follow/Unfollow
  10. Understanding Instagram Analytics
  11. The Instagram API
  12. Instagram Story Highlights
  13. Key Takeaways

Is this for me?


If you’re just starting out with Instagram or have been using it for only a short while this will be perfect for you.


If you’re confident posting and using Instagram Stories but aren’t too sure about hashtags, analytics or APIs then this will be useful for you.

03Instagram Pro?

Sorry, if you’re a self-described Instagram Pro this email course probably isn’t for you.

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