How to grow your brand on Snapchat

How to grow your brand on Snapchat

We are in a digital era where the ability to communicate through video is key to growing a brand and platforms like Snapchat & Instagram are at the very forefront of this.

These platforms, as previously discussed, allow brands to create unique and exciting content with which to engage with their community and grow their audience.

As platforms such as Snapchat evolve with an ever growing user-base and new functionality being added regularly, users are finding creative ways in which to stand out from the crowd on these platforms. And that’s no mean feat when you consider the numbers we’re talking about here are upwards of 900 million users across Snapchat & Instagram alone!

Imagine trying to stand out from 1 billion people…

In my year on Snapchat I’ve observed a few simple and effective methods being by used by people to grow their personal brand on Snapchat and I wanted to share these techniques with you.

These techniques really centre around three fundamental factors:

  1. A common goal shared with another user
  2. Mutual gain
  3. They’re participatory

So, let’s talk about how these work, why they’re successful and what you can do to utilise these techniques.

Chad Williams – Accountability Club

Chad Williams

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing that one or two users I follow on Snapchat were including green ticks in their stories.

At first, I thought nothing of this because people like to annotate their snaps but over the course of a few days I realised there was something behind the green tick.

Digging a little deeper, I found out that the green ticks were part of Chad Williams Accountability Club (@anthrochad) and a number of people I follow are participating in this club. Chad’s a fitness coach and he’s created an online community whereby people set goals (personal, financial, fitness) and when they do something which counts as progress towards their goal (say their goal is fitness, and they go for a run…) they post a snap with the green tick included by way of acknowledgement.

So, how does the process work?

  1. Person snaps Chad to say they’re taking part
  2. Chad shares the username and Snapcode of that person on his story
  3. Person then takes part and shares details of Accountability Club on their stories, including the green tick

Well, what’s happening here?

This is the valuable bit. The person taking part is getting some value here, they’re participating in a group which keeps them accountable for a goal they’ve set and that’s a good thing because the goal will be close to their heart and hence is meaningful.

Also, Chad shares the person’s snap code on his story so other people can follow them. Because Chad’s follower numbers are no doubt growing as a result of the Accountability Club the person’s snap code is being shown to an ever increasing number of people.

At this point the person who’s joined the Accountability Club is getting two bits of value:
– They’re working toward a goal within a community
– They’ve probably grown their own following via Chad’s snap code share

So, what’s Chad getting out of this?

I expect that when the Accountability Club started there were a number of people who took part, I expect these people were already connected to Chad.

These people then start sharing their green ticks in their stories and their own followers start enquiring about the ticks. Some of those who enquired decide to join the Accountability Club and in doing so follow Chad. This then starts to evolve and grow as each new person who joins the Accountability Club may introduce one or many people to the Accountability Club and hence, to Chad.

This mean’s that Chad’s following on Snapchat and in turn his personal brand is growing organically as more and more people start to follow both him and the club.

Does a large following matter? Well, yes. You have a larger audience with who to share your thoughts & values. You have a larger audience to potentially sell into. With a larger following, you have an opportunity to become an influencer because if people follow what you say they’ll then spread your message for you. There are /many/ advantages to having a large social media following.

Natx Wang – #SweatSnap

Natx Wang

Natx started a movement called #SweatSnap which, like Chad’s, is a great idea of how to use Social Media to both engage people and grow a brand.

The #sweatsnap movement is co-ordinated by Natx (@natxwang) and it’s a community whereby people share their post-workout selfies with Natx and she in turn shares a screenshot of these selfies from her account.

As a result, the people who take part are starting to spread the message of #sweatsnap by posting this on their selfies and are also feeling part of a community who’re all working on their fitness together, thus inspiring each other to get or keep fit.

So, how does the process work?

  1. A Snapchat user does some exercise (Run, Gym, Sport etc)
  2. The person then takes a selfie of them sweating and sends the snap to Natx with the hashtag #SweatSnap (they might also post on their own story)
  3. Natx then, on a daily basis, shares their snap on her own timeline with all of the others received and also shares their snapcode from time-to-time

Ok, so what’s happening here?

Those who’re taking part in the movement get motivation because they’re part of a community who’re also working out and sharing their snaps.

They also get new followers from where Natx shares their Snapcode and hence are able to connect with new people.

In essence, those taking part in #Sweatsnap are getting two bits of value:

  1. Motivation toward a goal
  2. Increased follower numbers

What does Natx get from it?

Natx has built a movement or community which in itself is an achievement. However, she is also inspiring people to work toward a goal and building relationships with new people through this.

Natx, like Chad, is building a personal brand through other users sharing their #SweatSnap pictures on their stories and this demonstrates another example of a Snapchat user finding creative and fun ways to build a following.

Now, I cannot verify the intentions of Chad or Natx in creating these fantastic communities but irrespective of the intention, they’re growing in popularity, awareness and thus, personal brand.

Back toward the start of the article I said these techniques are based on three common factors:

  1. A common goal shared with another user
  2. Mutual gain
  3. Participation

As you can tell by the explanations above, in both examples these three factors are being met. Both parties have common goals, there’s participation and there’s mutual gain on both sides. Only Chad or Natx could tell you how they measure the value they personally gain from these techniques but the point of the article is this – there are really engaging and simple techniques, like this, which can be used to grow a personal brand on Social Media.

How do I apply this to me?

Social Media is so vast that you can find users with /any/ type of interest and hence, irrespective of your domain, if you can find content which engages and inspires people like Chad & Natx have done, then you can use these techniques to grow your brand.

You may be thinking that it’s ok for fitness-related activities and it won’t work for your domain or area of interest but this just requires creativity.

For example:

  • An accountant could use the accountability club idea for financial or accounting related goals (think of the number of business users on Social Media platforms like Snapchat & Instagram). Get users to update when they’ve done their end of month reporting, hit savings goals or knocked £X off their debts.
  • A Social Media expert could use the technique for sharing certain content on their blog, YouTube account etc
  • You could a book club on any given topic

There are many examples here but the key to this is as follows:

  • Be original (think away from the above examples)
  • Have a common goal
  • Make it mutually beneficial, the other person HAS to get value from it
  • Make it fun/interesting

These types of participatory techniques are going to be big in 2017 and so it’s important you’re thinking about how you can use them to build your following and brand right now.

Want to know more about how to use Snapchat or Instagram to grow your business? Send me an email or seek me out on Snapchat, snapcode below!

Simon Godfrey

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