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8 Signs You Need A Social Media Strategy

We're all at it, you know? Setting up new accounts on Social Media platforms and getting straight into the action. Posting, following, posting, following. What do we post? Whatever we feel like. Maybe it's an advert for our products. Maybe it's a picture of the...

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Why I’m looking forward to CMA Live 2018

So, this is a personal blog. I haven't written a blog on this site since I wrote I went to CMA Live 2017 and it was AMAZING almost a year ago. After a challenging 12 months, the hardest of my life by some distance (and then some), I'm now getting to a place where I...

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I went to CMA Live 2017 and it was AMAZING

On the 8th and 9th June 2017 I attended CMA Live 2017, the best conference I've ever been to. Big statement? Let me tell you why. Let's go back to June 2016 It's the 2nd June 2016 and I'm sat at work (which is fairly quiet due to being within a redundancy situation)...

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A review of Social Day UK 2017

A week after attending CMA Live 2017 I attended Social Day UK to cap off a fine week of conferencing hopping. This isn't a normal week for me, honest. These were two conferences I'd heard about last year and I wanted to find both the funds and the time to visit them...

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How to Repurpose Your Content

Some might debate this, but I'd say the hardest part of managing social media pages is the effort and thought required in order to produce content. It's not that all content is hard to create of course. However, when you want to create high-quality content which...

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How to Add Animation to Instagram Stories

Updated June 2017. Since the introduction in August 2016, Instagram Stories has reached 250 million daily users and the platform is now a significant threat to Snapchat - the original creator of this micro-vlogging functionality. But I'm not here to talk stats,...

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