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Hi, that’s me over on the right (the one with the beard!) providing Instagram training to Julie Barker back in January of 2018.

I’ll explain a bit more about me further down but first, lets look at what I do and the problems I solve.

Problems I Solve

I recognise that running a small business is a tough gig. You have to run the business, be the admin, accountant, salesperson and of course, do the marketing. It’s often here, the marketing, where I come in.

I understand the pain points and problems when it comes to managing Social Media. Often a small business will get started and perhaps they lose their way, get frustrated or realise it’s a bigger job than anticipated. It’s at this point that I typically get involved and provide the coaching and support necessary to get them back on track.

Typically I step in and provide clarity and direction via a Strategy, Social Media Training or perform a health check – whatever’s most appropriate.

What I do

As I mention in the section above, I offer four main services. You can see what they are and find out more via the links below.


More Information

I’ve also written some articles which might relate to some of the challenges you’re having right now, you can read them here:


About The Business

Simon Social Media Ltd launched in January 2016 with the primary aim of helping local small businesses learn how to use Social Media to market their business. In the first year, it was predominantly about Social Media Management but as you can see from the information above, the services offered have evolved.

Whilst the services have changed and technology has changed the ethos has not and the fundamental reason behind this business is to give small businesses the tools and confidence they need to use Social Media to grow their business.


About Simon

When I’m not working on something in relation to Social Media you’ll probably find me doing something active like playing football, cycling or exercising down the gym.

I spend too much time on my phone (who doesn’t these days??) and also love to find new apps that help with productivity, social or attempting to stay organised.

If you really want to know what I’m like then may I suggest you go and check out my Instagram account because you’ll see me on video and you’ll see what I look like, sound like and understand a bit more about me!

Find Out More

To enquire about working with me or to find out more about my Services please head over to my Contact Page and drop me a short message.


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