I went to CMA Live 2017 and it was AMAZING

On the 8th and 9th June 2017 I attended CMA Live 2017, the best conference I’ve ever been to. Big statement? Let me tell you why.

Let’s go back to June 2016

It’s the 2nd June 2016 and I’m sat at work (which is fairly quiet due to being within a redundancy situation) and I tune into a content marketing conference I’d heard a number of people talking about on Twitter and Snapchat.

It was the first morning of the conference and the opening keynote was by YouTube star Amy Schmittauer. As I sat at my desk, following whatever hashtag was used for that conference, I was totally struck by the wave of energy that was coming from people at the conference. Amy was killing it and it sounded AMAZING.

Hooked immediately by this, I continued to follow the conference via the hashtag and was even scribbling notes as people shared what they’d learned across numerous tweets!

The conference looked fantastic. The venue looked great, you could tell the rapport between attendees was great and people were learning a lot. You could sense the energy and vibe through the hashtag.

The conference ended and I then became aware of an early bird ticket scheme. It was a no brainer, I signed up immediately.

That was August 2016 and to be honest, I’d almost forgotten I’d signed up for it until March 2017 when I remembered I needed to arrange a flight and a hotel!

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How to Repurpose Content and make life easier

Some might debate this, but I’d say the hardest part of managing social media pages is the effort and thought required in order to produce content.

It’s not that all content is hard to create of course. However, when you want to create high-quality content which reflects positively on your business or brand you’re going to invest time in thinking it through and making sure it’s right.

When content creation is time-consuming we either need to think of ways to make it more efficient or we need to make our content work harder for us.

With this in mind, I want to share with you a strategy I use to help make my content work harder for me. It’s a process I’ve been through already with Simon Social Media and I’m about to go through it again because I need to re-focus. I’m going to talk about how I repurpose content.

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5 Tips To Better Micro-Vlogging

You, “I’m not reading a second more of  this if you don’t explain what micro-vlogging is”

Me, “Ok, fair deal…”

You, “Firstly, what’s vlogging?”

Me, “You’ve heard of blogging, right? It’s the video format; a video blog, a vlog.

You, “Ok, so what’s micro-vlogging?”

Me, “It’s the short-form version of vlogging. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories = Micro-Vlogging, because they are sequences of short videos which only last 24 hours before they go.

You, “Ok, listening… Now let’s hear these 5 tips.”
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How to improve your Google Search Ranking

Google Search Ranking

How to improve your Google Search Ranking

Ok, so I had a nightmare recently with my website and it’s Google Search Ranking. My page dropped down the rankings and off search altogether. That’s right, it disappeared from Google search – disaster!

I realised I’d neglected my website and so after spending the past month getting my page back on Google I thought I’d share what I learned along the way and help you avoid this problem in future.

Before I start though, I want to expand a little on the world of Google search because let’s be honest here – very few of us understand it and an even smaller number know how to master it.

I’m certainly not claiming to be an SEO expert in this post, but I did come across some useful tools that were reasonably easy to use to make sure your website is optimised for Google Search.

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How to prevent Facebook cloning?

How to prevent Facebook account cloning

How to prevent Facebook cloning

A number of my Facebook friends have had their account cloned recently and it’s caused them a lot of stress because they believe they’ve been hacked.

Unfortunately, this has happened to people who either aren’t tech savvy or perhaps haven’t even looked at their Facebook settings to ensure they’re not sharing their entire personal information & content with the world.

To help people with this I researched how Facebook accounts are cloned and created the video below to guide people through the process of tightening up their security settings and hence preventing their Facebook account from being at risk of this.

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How to grow your brand on Snapchat

How to grow your brand on Snapchat

How to grow your brand on Snapchat

We are in a digital era where the ability to communicate through video is key to growing a brand and platforms like Snapchat & Instagram are at the very forefront of this.

These platforms, as previously discussed, allow brands to create unique and exciting content with which to engage with their community and grow their audience.

As platforms such as Snapchat evolve with an ever growing user-base and new functionality being added regularly, users are finding creative ways in which to stand out from the crowd on these platforms. And that’s no mean feat when you consider the numbers we’re talking about here are upwards of 900 million users across Snapchat & Instagram alone!

Imagine trying to stand out from 1 billion people…

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7 lessons I learned in a year of using Snapchat

7 Lessons I learned in a year of using Snapchat

In January 2016 I joined the 150 million other people who are using Snapchat on a daily basis and over the course of this year I’ve grown to be a huge fan of the platform.

I think I’ve become a fan because of a few different reasons:

1. It’s a great networking tool and I’ve created relationships with people in different parts of the world.
2. I get value from it because I follow people who share informative content on everything from Social Media to Marketing, Business & Leadership.
3. It’s REALLY interesting following other people’s lives.Read More